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Site Selection

Finding the ideal location is no trivial matter and neither is our approach. Every aspect of Reeder’s site selection process is thorough. Working to your specific criteria, we research, scout, analyze, isolate, then educate. If quality and speed are an issue, delegating your location/relocation responsibilities to Reeder Commercial is a shrewd decision.

Cost-effective expertise

Leveraging our unique resources and specialized technology, Reeder Commercial works quickly and efficiently, We can typically complete a site selection project at a lower overall cost than could be accomplished internally. While our location consulting fees only represent a minimal portion of the total project investment, our services impact the outcome significantly.

Maximize internal capabilities

A location/relocation project is a one-time event that comes with it’s own learning curve. While we work through the complexities of your site-driven project — you’re conserving resources and forwarding your business without interruption. We work seamlessly with your team, finding the shortest possible route to the best possible destination.


There are any number of reasons for conducting location/relocation projects quietly. While Reeder Commercial always maintains a tight level of confidentiality, our site selection process ensures competitive and internal security. As an outside advisor, we offer a high degree of anonymity and privacy.